Technical research centre

Customer needs don't just kick in once the contract has been signed. Competent sales staff both in our offices and out in the field provide extensive advice on the multitude of possibilities of modern parts cleaning and can give you suitable alternatives for all your requirements. We can also inform you about sensible accessories, for example, for conditioning process media or for automatically integrating the plant into your production line. The focus of all our consultancy is your application needs.

At the Roll technical research centre you can also find a large selection of different cleaning systems and can have some "hands-on" experience of their technology. Our staff can carry out cleaning tests for you free of charge using your own contaminated parts. It enables you to get an idea of which process would best suit your needs.

We have ultramodern equipment on hand to analyse the cleaning results. Residual contamination analyses as per VDA19 with automatic particle size evaluation are equally possible as the visual inspection of the most complex of components through a stereomicroscope using integrated, high resolution digital camera.