Bath conditioning and automation

To separate solid contamination we offer a vast array of solutions tailored to your particular circumstances. In addition to the classic bag filters, candle filters for ultrafine filtration are also integrated in the plant system.

Additional hdyro-cyclone filters can be employed to counter high swarf quantities, or swarf scrapper conveyors for plants for aqueous media.

The separation of oils and emulsions is effected by solvent plants using integrated distillation systems. In addition, these systems also have bypass distillations for automatic oil extraction.

For plants concerned with aqueous media, de-emulsifying oils are separated over skimmers or gravity oil traps. High oil quantities may also require separators or micro-filtration units.

Evaporators and/or ion exchanger units are available for maintaining rinsing for aqueous mediabath plants.

Apart from bath conditioning, Roll also offers a number of automation options. These span simplistic automated loading and unloading units to complex basket transport and storage solutions in several levels. As regards loading and unloading, the refilling of transport containers in special wash boxes is also possible.